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Parent opinions matter!

Updated: Feb 7

In a day and age where parental involvement in education seems to be undervalued, Acton does the opposite! We desire to have close and meaningful relationships with every Acton parent! Parent Involvement in child’s learning matters!
ACTON sends WEEKLY parent surveys to stay connected and to hear feedback from parents. We value ongoing feedback and communication from our learners, our parents, and our guides! Parent involvement in child’s learning matters significantly! The Acton Network places such a high value on parental feedback that if a campus consistently scores lower than a 4.5 (on a 1-5 scale) on their parent feedback surveys, they could be asked to leave the network. So needless to say, we take this very seriously! THE ACTON WAY IS A FAMILY COMMITMENT.

At Acton, we believe in a family commitment. It's not just about attending a school, but rather living and learning together as a community. The only way to function as a healthy community is to stay connected and maintain open and honest communication. As we approach education differently, we understand that parent opinions are vital to our success.
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